Sailing to Caribbean with catamaran
GUATEMALA / BELIZE / GUATEMALA, 6 nights / 7 days
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Sailing to caribeen Aventures Tropicales



With the abundance of marine life, beautiful breezes and friendly crew, it is understandable that so many travelers sail with us. From the deck of Las Sirenas the sea is just a few feet away. Waves breaking on the reef form a shimmering white line visible as far as the eye can see.

Water colors range from transparent at the edge of the yacht to brilliant electric blues over sandy beaches to the deep turquoise of the patch reefs. The waters complete the picture for those searching for an outer island tropical adventure. Viewing underwater of 100 to 150 feet is common on the reef, where huge coral heads reach toward the surface.

The barrier reef is an endless mountain range of dramatic walls and undulating coral ridges blessed with calm waters and hundreds of coral pinnacles and patch coral heads. With fishing gear, you can catch large fish while trolling, line-fish while at anchor and spearfish with the Captain.

Snorkeling gear for viewing tropical fish only inches away. Two kayak boards so you can visit the nearby islands covered with white sand and coco trees. A launch with motor to transport you to different areas for swimming and snorkeling. The waters off the coast of Belize are a great place to fish and Las Sirenas has all the necessary equipment on board.

During this seven-day adventure you will visit the spectacular Rio Dulce Canyon, the Caribbean village of Livingston, Punta Manabique, the hot springs and, of course, the Barrier Reef in Belize. Over 300 guests sail with us every year and we are highly recommended in several guide books. Rio Dulce and the Belize Barrier Reef & Islands. SEE MAP

Sailing to Caribeen from Guatemala.

Prices on our scheduled trips: Payment options : PayPal and credit card 100% on reservation.
single: US $570
double: US $550 per person.

Prices for private charters:
US$750 per day, min. 5 days - 4 nights, max. 1-10 people.
Includes: captain, chef, food, 4 double beds & one single bed.
Diving with captain. Payment options : PayPal and credit card 100% on reservation.

Captain, sailor, chef, food, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, drinking water, 4 double and two single private cabins (pillows, bed sheets, blankets and towels), snorkels equipment, masks, fins and fishing gear, 2 paddle boards and 2 hammocks 2 feet above the water where you can touch the dolphins while sailing. Meet new friends and have lots of fun. Come sail away and make this adventure one of the best parts of your vacation !

No ncluded ::
PADI Scuba Diving :(Not Included) Dive with a Dive master at $40 each Dive all included, 1-6 dives maximum. - Drinks -Belize Park fee, exit and entrance fees in Guatemala and Belize ($55 per person) paid when boarding the boat.

· Motor: 50 hp
· length: 46 feets and width: 20 feets
· Rooms: 4 doble beds and 2 simple beds
· Chef / seafood specialty
· Equipment : Kayak - Air Boat
· Constructor: Canada - 1978
· Type: ¨Traditional Polynesian¨
· Legal registry in Guatemala

Come dive with Captain & Dive Master off Las Sirenas! Dive into the future with Brownie's Third Lung, the Hooka system.

Since 1990 this boat has been sailing the Belize Islands and with this experience we can take you to the most beautiful areas for diving. It will be a degree of intensity only imagined by few. This new way of diving will be a memory in your life of experiences.

With an unlimited supply of air, we give you one hour of diving to an average depth of 50 ft (16 meters). With our safety backup Spare Air tank, you will be sure to have a safe dive.

During our dives you will see coral of every type, turtles, reef sharks and all kinds of tropical fish. There are several wall dives that are unbelievable. So come enjoy our dives off Las Sirenas, where you do not have to listen to an air compressor on the boat after each dive.

For those who are not Open Water certified we offer a short introduction on diving ("Discover Scuba") and will take you diving not more than 20 ft (6 meters). This is a great way to find out if you want to continue later and take a PADI course. You will be in close contact with your dive master at all times during the dive. Diving is an extra additive for those who would like to dive or enjoy the experience of a dive. For those who are taking our sailing trip only for diving must pay up front for the amount of dives they desire. Four dives is the maximum we can provide. If you do not dive because of personal reasons, there will be no refund for the dives. If there is bad weather, a problem with the dive equipment or the divemaster cannot dive, you will be refunded the full amount you paid for in advance for diving. There will be no refund for the sailing trip you paid for.

Brownie's Third Lung - Brownie's Third Lung does away with bulky scuba tanks.

Discover a completely new way of diving! No more bulky air tanks that restrict your movements underwater, no more fear of running out of air when the dive gets really interesting.

On Las Sirenas we use Brownie's Third Lung, which gives you an unlimited supply of air and makes you feel as if you were snorkeling.>

The surface unit provides divers with an unlimited supply of fresh air.

With Brownie's Third Lung an air compressor on the surface takes the place of heavy SCUBA tanks and divers are supplied with air via an 80' hose.

The surface unit follows you wherever you go and allows you to dive to a depth of up to 75 feet. It is equipped with a very reliable motor and air compressor, and the quality of the air it provides meets the same standards as required for SCUBA diving.

Diving with the Third Lung is very easy and even if you've never dived before, we will teach you everything you need to know in just a couple of hours. We also provide all the equipment you need for a safe and unforgettable dive.

Itinerary :

Day 1: Rio Dulce (Guatemala): Boarding time is at 1:30 pm, Guatemala. We will set sail at 3:00 pm. First night sunset dinner.

Days 2-6: Sailing into the spectacular Canyon of the Rio Dulce and on to the Caribbean village of Livingston. Visit Livingston 1-2 hours while our Captain prepares departure papers for Belize. We then sail out of Livingston for the Belize Islands, arriving at the Worlds 2nd Largest Barrier Reef to check into Belize Hunting Caye. Enjoying the snorkeling while viewing tropical fish day and night, swimming and kayaking near Islands with white sandy beaches and coconut trees, sun bathing and relaxing while the crew work hard to make your sailing vacation an enjoyable one. Our Chef will prepare all the meals and fresh seafood meals when caught while in Belize. We have ample supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for those who do not eat seafood

Day 7: Back to Rio Dulce (Guatemala).

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