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Private Tours - Discover how was the life of pirates of the caribbean, with our famous cruiseship to Lime Cays Island. Belize has some of the most pristine, unspoiled, natural beauty you will find anywhere in the world. The ocean waters of Belize offer a unique and wonderful cruising experience with the world’s second largest barrier reef, literally hundreds of sun swept tropical islands to explore, and three major offshore atolls. The barrier reef provides over 130 miles of protected waters from the ocean swell and a reef that is teaming with fish, coral, and creatures. The coral forms colorful, surreal landscapes with jutting heads, sand bottom canyons, arches and spires that offers great snorkeling and diving for both the novice and the more experienced. These sites are protected and recognised by UNESCO.

Day 1: (B) (L) (D)
Follow the pats of the pirate Henry Morgan (see map), you cruise from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala to the virgin Belize islands, after cruising 3 hours, you'll arrived at the second largest barrier reef in the world, you go landings to Lime Caye is an small exotic island. Enjoying the beach or snorkeling while viewing tropical fish day or night, swimming, white sandy beaches and coconut trees, sun bathing and relaxing while the crew work hard to make your Pirate Expedition an enjoyable one. After a refreshing shower, our Chef will prepare fresh seafood meals while in Belize. We have ample supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for those who do not eat seafood.In the evening will be our Pirate Party, music and dancing on the beach. Alternatively, you can just relax in your hammock and watch the sun go down into the Caribbean Sea. Camping accommodation.

Day 2 : (B) (L) (D)
Wake up for breakfast and have an early swim if you fancy it. Then we take the boat to nearby Island Silk-Caye for more snorkelling. Here you will find calm waters for swimming. After the diner, for those who wish, we'll dive in to explore an old shipwreck. Back to the camp for a fresh shower or volleyball game. There are hammocks set up on the beach for you to relax before the diner. In evening, campfire and song on the beach.

Day 3 (B) (L) (D)
This will be our last day in this peaceful world. We will swim in the morning. After the lunch you'll take the boat back to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Diner and night at out hotel.

*Individual trips can to be arranged, depending of your date.

Depending of the group, we have many size boats, the longest is a 41 feet in length and covered for protection in any kind of weather. Our are an professional captain, since he has spent 32 years to handling boats in all conditions, and we are confident in the safety of our passengers.
*Depending on your itinerary, visiting an old fortress against the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Look info:Doc PDF.

- All meals
- Beach Party.
- Volley Ball game
- Campfire on the beach
- Good amenities camping
- English, Spanish, French guide
- Professional staff
- Snorkel gear for max 15 pax.
- All size group
- Free water
  -3 days trip
  -2 nights camp
- Bed linen and towel
- Camping gear

-Border tax and reserve
-Dive (Optional)
-Master dive service

Average Water Temperatures:


  80  79    80      82    83     83  83    84     84    84    81    80

*Group and Individual trips can to be arranged with us.

Look the PIRATE ADVENTURES video clip

Look the expedition photo album photos San Felipe Castel San Felipe Castel:Doc PDF.

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